Jonathan Revisits 2014 National Conference

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has bared his mind on the clamour for restructuring in some quarters as he also shed more light on why he called for the 2014 National Conference.

Jonathan, who stated the need for the restructuring of Nigerians’ minds, noted that some of the national levels challenges still exist at the state and local levels.

On why he convened the 2014 National Conference, the former President said it was meant to address the growing agitation for structural reforms.

According to Jonathan, mutual suspicion, absence of trust, and lack of patriotism were fundamental issues that need to be addressed to make the nation greater.

2014 National Conference

However, he charged leaders at different levels to encourage a healthy conversation on restructuring and reforms that stir national pride and love and faith of our citizens in Nigeria.

Jonathan stressed the need for the love of country, national unity, unifying leadership and building of strong institutions and values among Nigerians.

He described Nigeria as a project in progress and should confidently discuss her experiences and fashion out solutions to improve her performance and all citizen’s well-being.

Goodluck Jonathan

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