Jemima Osunde Declares Interest in Ric Hassani

Medical practitioner and actress Jemima Osunde declares interest in fellow entertainer Ric Hassani by shooting her shot after he shares a high demand selling point.

The opinionated actress saw a golden opportunity to show her interest in Ric Hassani after posting a set of interesting photos on the internet. The singer shared awkward but happy selfies of himself on the streets of the United States of America and opined that the country fits him. He wrote,

“See naw, America fit me die, I swear,”

Jemima Osunde Declares Interest in Ric Hassani

Jemima wasted no time in sliding into the Twitter mentions of the Afro-pop singer to publicly declare her interest in marrying him despite his awkward poses in the pictures. She said,

“Ric, even though you snapped these selfies like my daddy’s age mate, I can still marry you,” 

Jemima Osunde Declares Interest In Ric Hassani

The person of interest responded with a hearty laugh, and this risky tweet from Jemima has garnered a few laughs from some of her colleagues, including Adesua Etomi-Wellington.

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