Iyabo Ojo: Why My Man’s Identity Remains Hidden

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has revealed she has been in a relationship for some time now, but the identity of her man will remain hidden. 

The mother of two revealed that she would rather keep his identity away from the prying eyes of social media till they are ready to get married. 

The 44-year-old disclosed that her mystery man is a private person and does not want to be dragged into her social media frenzy. 

When asked if she has a man in her life, Iyabo Ojo said,  “I do not think I want to celebrate anyone until I am getting married again. So, I don’t talk about my love life but, yes, I do have someone in my life. A fine girl like me must get bobo.” 

“I have someone in my life we have been together for a while but he is a very private person and he does not like the social media life; he does not like all that,” Iyabo Ojo added.

“He just wants to be in his own corner because he feels that I am always attacked on social media. He does not want the social media people, that is, my fans, the haters, to drag him into it,” she stated. 

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