Iyabo Ojo Opens Up on Being Molested

Famous Nollywood actres, Iyabo Ojo opens up to her fans on the trauma she experienced from being molested while sharing her story.

Iayabo ojo is a fan favourite because of her hilarious tiktok videos and her phenomenal acting. However, she is also loved for how encouraging and open she is about her life journey.

Iyabo Ojo Opens Up on Being Raped

In her latest ‘Bare It With IY’ video, she shared that she was raped five times. her caption read,

Iyabo Ojo Opens Up On Being Molested 1

“Nothing Prepares you for the worst the pains & thoughts never go away. It leaves an everlasting scar in your heart & if not careful may ruin you…….. please note that it’s ok to talk about it, it’s ok to seek help, it’s ok to know that you’re not alone …… I have been raped 5 times …… and on today’s episode of BARE IT ALL WITH IY you get to watch & listen to my story, also I have a very close sister of mine who also took the bold step to share some of her ugly experience…….”

She encouraged other victims of abuse to seek help when needed to avoid a large burden of emotional trauma.


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