Iyabo Ojo Accused of Hiding Identity of Rapists

Actor Joseph Faduri has joined the number of people who have directed calculated attacks at actress Iyabo Ojo because of her stance and actions as regards the controversy surrounding embattled actor Baba Ijesha, who has been accused of defiling a minor.

Faduri shared a video on his Instagram page, accusing the actress of playing God by going after anyone with a contrary opinion from hers in Baba Ijesha’s rape saga.

Iyabo Ojo Accused Of Hiding Identity Of Rapists 1
Joseph Faduri

Iyabo Ojo accused of concealing rapists’ identities

According to him, Baba Ijesha committed sexual molestation and not rape, and his crime is bailable. He alleges that Iyabo Ojo was raped 5 times but has refused to give up the identities of those behind the act even though they are a danger to society. He then questioned why Baba Ijesha’s case has to be handled differently.

Faduri claimed that he is not in support of Baba Ijesha but asked Iyabo Ojo to allow the law to take its course. He concluded by saying that the arrested actor deserves a second chance.

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