It is a gradual process.

Acknowledging that life is a gradual process is one way to find true happiness. The gradual nature of our life’s change progression is a life principle that cannot be completely understood or analyzed. The most evident way to witness this is in the way biological organisms evolve under normal circumstances.

It is okay to wake up one morning and realize life had snuck up on you and you do not even know how you got to where you are. It might not all be making sense or turning out how you want it to be.

The distortions for you might be weight gain or general unhappiness. Are you asking how you got here? Does it appear like life is going along as usual without you? Well, most things in life sneak up on us in a gradual manner. We don’t all of a sudden gain fifty pounds, thank God! We don’t spontaneously have four teenagers in the house, double thank God for that! We don’t become an alcoholic overnight and we don’t advance to the top in one day.

It Is A Gradual Process.
germinating worm

All these happen in a gradual process.

The good thing Is that if we are present, we can make changes and adjustments along the way.

A ship only sinks when the water gets into it. Do not let the thoughts of what is not right get to you. Remember that nothing happens by chance. So, wake up, clear your head, change strategy, then try again. Forget about social timelines, those things don’t solve a thing. Go at your own pace and never forget to be grateful for the littlest things that come your way.

It is okay to be selfish in your own definition of gradual process. Make sure to put yourself into consideration.

For about two weeks now, I have watched a bird lay eggs right on my bathroom window pavement and patiently sits on the eggs daily waiting for them to hatch. That is utmost patience and consistency. In essence, that is what you need.

It Is A Gradual Process.

So, never forget that in all, life is a gradual process. Choose your path, prepare yourself for it and work towards it. If you decide otherwise, re-strategize, yes, it is allowed to change plans. Be consistent and patient. Make haste slowly. Choose yourself. Do not let the outside waters get into your ship. Breath-in and Breath-out. Dance in the rain and bask in the sun. You will be alright. It is a gradual process.

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