IPOB Members in Diaspora Show Solidarity

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, turned out em masse to the #BrusselsBiafraOneMillionMarch to show solidarity, which made the peaceful agitation a great deal of success.

On Twitter, a tweet from @EmekaGift100 shows gratitude to the Biafrans in Diaspora for honouring the plegde to portray that the dreams live on forever.

He urged followers to continue with the “Tweet #BrusselsBiafraOneMillionMarch and express your Joy. The Formidability of IPOB Family in Diaspora is Amazing, Unspeakable & Awesome. With recent events, the Whole World has Witnessed & Confirmed that #IPOB is One of the Biggest Indivisible Freedom movements, a Happy And Peaceful Family.” He added.

Ipob Members In Diaspora Show Solidarity
IPOB Members in Diaspora Show Solidarity

Another Supporter known as #BiafranTweets, said thank you IPOB, we can’t thank you enough, thank you for giving us hope. Your demonstration in Belgium #BrusselsBiafraOneMillionMarch is massive and impressive. God bless you resolute comrades, you did not just protest, but you have restored the hope of our people. Thank YOU.

Anti-IPOB Criticise Members

However, a huge critic @tBlack5, said “I know I will be attacked but I don’t care…..this your march or whatever, why is it always “Brussels, London, Norway, Germany” come and do just one in Nigeria, let Pharaoh teach you a lesson of your Life causing insecurity in South East and marching in Brussels, ndị nzuzu!”

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