Interview: Valentine; Mc Klawn, Rising Comedy Genius Thrills Fans

We are joined briefly by Mc Klawn, one of Africa’s fastest rising comedians, whose real name is Obineche Virginus Chukwudi. He gives us a quick insight into what his comedy life has been like since the commencement, the uniqueness of his style and a word for the wise, especially those newly welcomed into the entertainment industry.

His Valentine show themed, “Love and Laughter with Mc Klawn, was rated a success by some audience that graced the venue at Gwarimpa to feel what the comedian has to thrill his fans with. However, a prior conversation with the brilliant comedian revealed some personal attributes and the journey so far.

For those yet to meet you, kindly introduce yourself?

My name is OBINECHE VIGINUS CHUKWUDI popularly known as MC KLAWN.

What made you pick comedy as a profession?

Comedy is a God-given talent, and the mindset of also wanting to make people happy is an inbuilt lifestyle.

What major project/show have you organised before?

I have organized a consistent show with a brand name called KOMEDY INVADERS WITH MC KLAWN.

Is any new show coming up anytime soon?


Mc Klawn

Interview: Valentine; Mc Klawn, Rising Comedy Genius Thrills Audience

How bout the challenges you face organising such events?

Lack of sponsorship for up and coming brands, when your shows are self-sponsored, you don’t tend to make a profit, even when you do, it is not always good enough, because you get to return the money to the show as many of the show equipment are not paid for by promoters.

Who are your target audience, what age brackets?

My target audience is old and young couples, singles at all levels.

Can you take Comedy as a sole profession to survive strictly based on the money you make from it?

Very possible, depending on how far life takes you with it.

What makes your Comedy different, and what stands you out?

Because I have stood on the standard, and the standard is cracking none vulgar jokes, and I have maintained the standard till this day.

How about the expenses, promotions and others, how do you manage all?

I self-fund them from the money I made from other MC jobs like weddings and birthdays or anniversaries, we barely get sponsors no matter how little.

Has there ever been a point where you wanted to quit Comedy?

Sure, often at times.

So what is still keeping you going?

The passion and the talent are like a call.

Any words of advice for rising comic acts out there?

Never give up your dreams, even if you don’t succeed in them, but be sure it is your true calling.

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