Interview Saga: Tacha Blasts Tv Presenter

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  • Tacha Blasts Tv Host
  • Hero Daniels called out for attacking Tacha

Tacha blasts Tv presenter after he sends out ‘hypocritical’ tweet

Controversial Big Brother Naija housemate, Akide Tacha blasts Tv presenter over an alleged Tv interview saga. The presenter at the receiving end is Hero Daniels who rose to fame from his involvement with BBNaija news and housemates.

The debacle started after Daniels sent out a message encouraging Nigerians to treat the BBNaija stars as fellow human beings who have the liberty to dream and be who they want to be instead of fitting into the mould their fans created.

His tweet read,

“Reality Tv stars are human beings. Allow them to be themselves and express themselves. Stop expecting them to become the Idea of who you want them to be,” 

Interview Saga: Tacha Blasts Tv Presenter 1

A loyal Titan- which the name Tacha’s fans go by- responded to this tweet accusing him of picking on the reality Tv star after she refused to grant him an interview. She further dismissed him as an opportunist.

Reacting to her fan’s defence, Tacha quoted the tweet calling Hero Daniels a ‘Lame hypocrite’ in addition to other insulting words. See the exchange below;

Interview Saga: Tacha Blasts Tv Presenter 2
Tacha Blasts Tv Presenter


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