Inside Life With Erica Eps 1: Gives Relationship Status Details, Shows Off Besties

Inside Life With Erica Eps 1: Erica Shows Off Besties

Inside Life With Erica, the reality TV show recently showcased on her name has been able to finally answer some questions about her relationship status and also helped revealed her besties to the world.

On Episode 1 of Inside Life With Erica, it started with Erica in the kitchen with a mystery man who happens to be her best friend. Who would have guessed that the Star Girl’s best friend is a guy?

Yeah, while the former BBNaija housemate was in the kitchen trying to make some pancakes, she introduced to her fans, Demola who happens to be her best friend.

Demola happened to have met Erica while they were together in the same University, and to date, they have been tied together. Erica is into acting, while Demola is into singing. They have something in common right!

Demola was not the only person we were introduced to us on the show, we also met another lady called Erica. Erica is another very good friend of the Star Girl. Bearing the same name brought them together, it did the magic up till now.

Inside Life With Erica Eps 1: Erica Gives Relationship Status Details

Did I tell what Erica’s pancakes looked like, they were beautiful to behold. You can trust they would taste nice, despite she always saying cooking is not her thing.

It was a nice meal for the three friends to discuss over. Erica after reminding Demola and Erica about her forthcoming birthday and how she wanted to have a photoshoot, initiated a conversation about her personal relationship.

Your guess is as good as mine, it was her relationship with her fellow ex-BBNaija housemate, Kiddwaya. She reiterated that she has learned her lessons about making her relationship matters public.

According to her, she does not like people coming into her personal space and a bitter lesson has been learned about how she made her love life with Kiddwaya public.

Erica did not stop at telling us about the lessons she learned, she also made vow. She said, ” There is no way anybody is going to know about my relationship again.”

Erica also gave a clear hint about her relationship status after rumour confirmed that she is no longer with Kiddwaya. She said, “I am not in any relationship again, so there is nothing for anybody to know.”

Inside Life With Erica Eps 1: Birthday Photoshoot

There was s photoshoot for Erica’s birthday and it was a good sight to behold. Though things did not go well at the beginning, something happened with all hands on deck and the pictures came out well.

The birthday went well, thanks to her fans “The Elites” who did not let their queen down.

We seem not to have seen anything yet on this how, we look forward to more on Episode 2 of Inside Life With Erica

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