Ini Edo and Halima Abubakar Alleged Fight Over Top Politician

Popular Nollywood actresses Ini Edo and Halima Abubakar are being called out for breaking ties in real life.

A controversial Instagram blog, Cuttie juls, alleged that the actresses have locked horns after their episode with a politician. According to the story, the two actresses hae bee best of friends for a while until recently.

Ini Edo and Halima Abubakar Allegedly Fight Dirty

Taking the followers through the time Halima Abubakar fell ill and praised Ini for being there for her, the blogger said things started to fall apart when Halima allegedly pimped Ini to one of the top Northern politicians she knew.

Further speaking, Cutie said that greed took over Ini Edo, who tried to bad mouth Halima to the benefactor, who cut Ini off for being a backbiter.

The post read in part;

So fast forward… Halumar hooked Ini with one very rich Hausa politician around November. Just the fight gbenzing, Sister Ini was given $10k. So as our sister saw that the gbola was lucrative but there was high chances of Halimar linking some other girl in future, Ini started bad-mouthing Halimar to the man but will still be forming “sister sister” to Halimar.

Ini Edo And Halima Abubakar Alleged Fight Over Top Politician 1
Ini Edo and Halima Abubakar Allegedly Fight Dirty

The blogger has not said more on the situation neither has both of the accused actresses.


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