Inferiority complex: Do you have it?

Inferiority complex is a non-viable feeling that causes you to doubt yourself, feel inadequate or not up to par in every situation. If you’re constantly seeking approval from the people around you, then you’re probably stuck in a maze of inferior complexity.

Several factors often lead to this feeling of self-doubt, for example, one’s parents. If you were raised in a toxic environment whereby your parents or parent constantly subject you to verbal abuse – constantly picking on you for a fault. Using that fault to always “remind” you of how worthless you are. Or how you’re never going to amount to anything in life. Criticizing a child by comparing them with another makes them feel insignificant or less than others. Most people think these little words are harmless, however, research has revealed that it has lasting effects on a child’s psyche. These effects tend to follow them into adulthood.

Another cause for the feeling of inferiority is physical defects. A person with a physical defect is more susceptible to feeling lesser than anyone else without physical defects.

How can you tell you have it?

Social withdrawal

The first and probably the most glaring evidence of inferiority complex is when a person exhibits an avoidant behavior. According to experts, a person with this complex often has a hard time thriving in social situations because of the fear of rejection. You may find an individual drop a course due to the fact that he/she has to give a speech, or purposely failing to show up for a function to avoid interacting or speaking in front of others.

Highly sensitive

In an interview with Bustle, licensed professional counselor, Nickia Lower, MHS, NCC said: “People with an inferiority complex are highly sensitive to what others think and often take offense even when no offense is intended”. You end up taking things too personally and get so bothered about trivial things that are intended to poke fun at you and shouldn’t cause an emotional reaction.

Finding fault in other people

When you have an inferiority complex, you may have a habit of finding faults in other people. You may notice someone close to you, or not, who is faring better than you, however, you keep trying to find their shortcomings to reassure yourself you’re still better than them in some way

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