Ikorodu Bois Apologise to Fans

Nigerian popular mimickers Ikorodu Bois have taken to Twitter to apologise to their teaming followers.

The group of young boys who also refer to themselves as future filmmakers asked their fans not to be angry that they have not been able to provide them with new videos as usual because they have been engaged in something else.

They tweeted, “Sorry, been in school doing the needful, but get prepared, cos lots of videos still coming.”

Ikorodu Bois are into recreating popular and original music, movie scenes as well as real pictures.

Ikorodu Bois Apologise to Fans

Some of the works they have recreated include Black Panther, Burnaboy‘s Wonderful, Otedola daughters’ picture with their new Ferrari cars.

Ikorodu Bois Recreate Davido'S Fem
Ikorodu Bois Recreate Davido’s Fem

They recently were also nominated for the Kids’ Choice Award 2021 by Nickelodeon as well as child comedian Emmanuella.

These nominations have made their fans deal with the situation where they are forced to choose between the boys and Emmanuella.

Ikorudu Bois’ creativity has earned them lots of recognition and love from lots of Nigerians and even overseas.

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