Ifu Ennada Drags Family Members on Social Media

Reality TV star, Ifu Ennada has taken to social media to talk about issues concerning her extended family.

The skin care expert took to her Instagram stories to rant about how her extended family has being ungrateful and selfish.

Speaking further the skin care expert revealed that members of her extended family care less about how she’s fairing or how her business is thriving.

She disclosed that she has constantly been receiving threatening and derogatory messages from them because she hasn’t sent them “any free money in months”.

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Ifu Ennada’s post which were in parts was titled ”Extended Family and Sense of Entitlement”.

Excerpt from the post reads, “I have sent you and different members of your family various amounts of “free money” since 2018. Even last year, during Covid lockdown I sent money.

Nobody is asking how I am doing or if my businesses are surviving, but I’m getting messages telling me ‘God will judge me’. because I haven’t sent any ‘free money’ in the past few months.

Ifu Ennada'S Post About Her Extended Family
Ifu Ennada’s post about her extended family

She also mentioned how she has been carrying people’s burden from her teens and couldn’t enjoy herself after trying her best to satisfy them.

Ifu Ennada born Iheme Faith Uloma is an award-winning actor, fashion designer, and former Big Brother Naija housemate.

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