Ifa Priest, Elebuibon Lambasts Oluwo Of Iwo

A prominent Ifa Priest, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon and other Traditional practitioners under the aegis of ‘Isokan Orunmila have warned the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, to desist from ridiculing Yoruba tradition to avoid facing the consequences.

Elebuibon, who is also the Araba of Osogbo, stated that the Oluwo lacks the proper cultural orientation of a Yoruba traditional ruler.

During a one-day Ifa Unity Conference held in Osogbo, Osun state capital, Elebuibon stated that there is no way a King in Yorubaland will not be linked to tradition enthroned after Kingmakers have consulted the Ifa.

Elebuibon added that the Oluwo is not an example of a proper Yoruba traditional ruler because he emerged as a Monarch without appropriate consultation.

According to the Ifa priest, the failure to consult Ifa is a significant setback and led to a vacuum in Iwo traditional institution.

He disclosed that the Oluwo did not go through staying in the seclusion room, where an incoming king will be for a stipulated number of days to learn the tradition and given proper cultural orientation.

Elebuibo accused the Oluwo of acting improper due to civilization, noting that such an act creates a big vacuum in Iwo.

Elebuibon Lambasts Oluwo Of Iwo

The Ifa priest added that the Oluwo chose to be what he wanted, not a proper Yoruba Monarch because he had earlier claimed that a Governor made him a king, not Ifa.

Ifa Priest, Elebuibon Lambasts Oluwo Of Iwo
Ifa Priest, Elebuibon Lambasts Oluwo Of Iwo

Elebuibon stated that there had been many challenges with the Yoruba traditional institution since the coming of foreign religion and especially the death of custodians of tradition.

He opined that there are no protocols among some Yoruba kings anymore, hence, the need for everyone to restore the Yoruba tradition.

The prominent Ifa priest challenged Kings and Chiefs to know their duties and obligation even after embracing foreign religion.

Meanwhile, the Araba Agbaye, Owolabi Aworeni, noted that the Oluwo has on several occasions said things that denigrate Yoruba tradition and even the kingship stool. However, Aworeni warned that there could be consequences if the Oluwo did not restrain himself.

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