I Was Ashamed – Flavour’s Babymama Confesses

In a bid to share her journey, Flavour’s babymama confesses on the struggles she went through especially after her baby.

Ex-beauty queen, Anna Banner who is also the mother to one of Flavour’s children, took to her Instagram stories to welcome her followers into the month of love which happens to be her birth month.

I Was Ashamed – Flavour’s Babymama Confesses

Ahead of her birthday celebration, the actress decided to share her struggle with depression, most of which started after her daughter, Sofia. Anna mentioned how she had to fake it on social media for her past six birthdays despite being sad.

However, she made a conscious decision to have a happy birthday this year because she has felt caged for the past 6 years despite the family perfect pictures she posted.

Delving deeper into getting pregnant for Flavour at 20, she said she was ashamed of herself and her body even being suicidal at a point. She wrote,

“I was ashamed of my body. I was ashamed of some decisions I made; I lost all my self-confidence, I literally lost myself. I screamed silently for help but no one but God could hear me.

I had a beautiful baby girl at 20 (Unmarried young and a school drop-out) and 5 years later, I’m a graduate! I thought about quitting school so many times! Trust me I didn’t care anymore! It was too much for me to handle!”

I Was Ashamed - Flavour'S Babymama Confesses
Flavour’s Babymama Confesses

She finalised by encouraging anyone who was going through tough times to endure because they will definitely be fine in the end.

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