I Want to See Your Network, Kiddwaya Brags Again

Kiddwaya Brags Again

Kiddwaya has again bragged about his network as he has thrown a new shade on Twitter. The former BBNaija 2020 lockdown housemate who have made several statements about his father’s wealth and connections made tweet about money, connection and network.

“Forget about money. I want to see your network. Do you have access? What doors can you open? If I look thru your phone what names will I see?

“This game is about longevity. Money comes and goes but your network is there to stay. False hope is a mf trust me. Stay focused be smart!”

Kiddwaya Brags Again
Kiddwaya Brags Again

Many Twitter users say he is throwing shades at some of his fellow former BBNaija lockdown housemates, while most of his followers hail him for what he said.

Kiddwaya has been described as rude and proud man by many who thinks he is ridding on his father’s glory and affluence.

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