I Am Laycon Ep2: Laycon’s Brothers Hold Meeting, Lilo Shows Up

I Am Laycon is for sure one of the most talked-about items in the Nigerian entertainment circle and even in some other countries where it is being streamed.

On the second edition of the show, several things happened that are worthy of mention.

Laycon’s Brothers Hold Meeting

Like Laycon said while he was on the BBNaija season 5 show, he mentioned that he has two brothers and only told one of them that he would be going on the show.

On this episode of I Am Laycon, we were able to put faces and names to the imaginary images of the BBNaija season 5 winner that we had in our heads.

His elder brother’s name is Temitope while the other one is Yomi, he also doubles as his Personal Manager.

So Yomi planned a surprise for Laycon during a time out at a beach in Lagos and brought Temitope to see Laycon.

It was a nice time for them to meet, especially for Laycon who did not expect to see him that day.

Yomi and Temitope then held a meeting over Laycon, and it was a serious one. The eldest brother instructed Yomi always to ensure that Laycon focuses, creates time to rest, maintains his relevance, and always in check.

That is the work of elder siblings, right?

I Am Laycon Ep2: Laycon Dad’ Remembrance Day

Laycon Dad' Remembrance Day
Laycon Dad’ Remembrance Day

Laycon also had a chat with his brothers on his plan to organise a remembrance day event for their late father.

While they were trying to fashion out the best way to make that happen, they decided to do it the way their late father would have wanted it.

They decided to do something for children, but no date has been put on that yet.

I Am Laycon Ep2: Lilo Shows Up

One of the first spice of the ex-BBNaija Lockdown on I am Laycon, is the appearance of Lilo.

He called her for a date, and you can imagine what Laycon and Lilo talked about during the hangout.

I am Laycon Lilo shows up

It is no more news that Laycon likes Lilo just as he mentioned while on the show and even when he got out.

There was a back and forth about relationship, entanglements, and they were lost of confessions.

Yeah, you want to know, but will be in episode 3 of I Am Laycon. Wait for it! Watch here

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