I Am Laycon Ep 1: Laycon Talks about Erica, Breaks Up With Babe

Finally, the reality Tv series that everyone has been waiting for is here, ‘I Am Laycon’.

From what was shown in this episode, it was obvious that what Laycon was trying to achieve with this is showcasing himself as an artist first before any other thing. The montage showed Laycon in different parts of Laycon, basically saying the Laycon of Lagos with the pictures.

Laycon Meets Management

This episode of I Am Laycon was basically an introduction to Laycon’s team, and the team is made up of,

Yomi – Laycon’s brother and personal manager.

Temit Gomez – Manager who he has known since 2014.

Sore – Scheduling and booking official.

Tariela – Content Manager.

Bisi – Road Manager and bestie from secondary school.

His team was working overtine while he was in the house and even during his media rounds as they got him a 3-bedroom apartment seeing that the one he won from the reality show was far away in Bogije.

I Am Laycon Ep 1: Laycon Talks About Erica, Breaks Up With Babe
Laycon’S Management Team On I Am Laycon .

In their confessionaries, they all described Laycon as a determined and focused artist. Gomez stated that he worked with the ‘kid’ because he saw a fire in him that was unquenchable. It looks like the Laycon in the house is not far from the Laycon before the show save for the Erica situation.

Laycon Talks About Erica

Talking about Erica, clips of the disqualified housemate were featured on this episode of the reality show, particularly the clip of Erica cussing Laycon out that eventually led to her untimely exit from the house.

During a discussion with Laycon, Yomi mentioned how he got distracted, and while trying to mention Erica, he said, ‘…Forget this chick abi what’s her name?’ and Laycon quickly interjected, ‘Guy, don’t mention her at all’.

I Am Laycon Ep 1: Laycon Talks About Erica, Breaks Up With Babe
Laycon Talks About Erica

While Laycon talks about Erica, he is careful not to be too indulgent. Looks like Laycon is done and dusted with that phase of his life.

Laycon Breaks Up with Babe

On things that have not been done with, Laycon had the dilemma of officially ending things with his girlfriend, Raha. Apparently, he was in a five-month relationship before getting into the house and did not even tell the lady he would go into the BBNaija house.

The episode ended a bit sour as Tariela was very upset over a picture. It was a flimsy picture at the signing of a brand deal that brought many backlashes their way, the backlash that she had to deal with.

What goes on in episode 2 of I Am Laycon ? Find out here…

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