How Yemi Alade Almost Lost Beyonce’s Collaboration

Nigerian artiste and self-acclaimed Mama Africa, Yemi Alade almost lost Beyonce’s Collaboration on the ‘Black is King’ album and this is how it happened.

In an interview, the ‘Shekere’ crooner said that she actually ignored Beyonce’s mail requesting a collaboration for two months but unlike most people will assume, it wasn’t due to pride.

Yemi Alade Almost Lost Beyonce’s Collaboration

How Yemi Alade Almost Lost Beyonce'S Collaboration
Yemi Alade almost lost Beyonce’s collaboration on ‘Black is King’

Yemi said she had management who were in charge of processing her emails and they thought that the influx of emails from a certain ‘Parkwood’ company were scam mails. Parkwood is the name of Beyonce’s company and according to Yemi Alade it was at the mention of this name that she knew it was Beyonce’s collaboration.

From this explanation, it was obvious that ignoring Beyonce’s email for two months was not intentional.

“We thought it was a scam email… I wasn’t the one receiving the emails, my management was, and the thing is that you have to be a crazy beyond fan like me to know her company’s name is “Parkwood”, So you’re getting emails from “Parkwood” about a collaboration with Beyoncé?!… My manager was telling me that he keeps getting these messages from Parkwood. He sounded very irritated, and he was thinking of maybe blocking the email… and I asked him what did you say? Did you say “Parkwood?” I said (screams) that is Beyoncé!!!!…”

Speaking further on the collaboration, Yemi Alade added that she was lucky enough to catch the last part of the collection, but it seemed all odds were against her because the morning after she met with Beyonce’s team in Las Vegas, she lost her voice.

She also mentioned that she experienced an industry stumbling block. When delegates from the ‘Parkwood’ team came into Nigeria for a survey, an industry colleague stopped them from meeting her.

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