How WhatsApp Business Could Increase Your Account Balance

The WhatsApp Business introduction to the mobile chat application has taken things to another level.

A platform basically created to reach out to family and friends now possesses the advantage of advertising your products or crafts to your contacts and even larger target customers to patronise you and help increase your bank account balance.

The WhatsApp business status on Twitter revealed how their team member took the time to chat with Hasan Minhaj (@hasan minhaj) a successful American comedian and businessman from Cannes, located on the French Riviera.

According to Wikipedia, Hasan Minhaj is an American award-winning comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host of Indian descent.

Dropping some wisdom quotes for those that hope to make use of the opportunity the social chatting platform presents to minds that want to prosper more in life.

He said using recommendations coming through in messages is so much more powerful than advertising or the media.

He hinted that such messages make conversation simple and clear to your target customers.

How Whatsapp Business Could Increase Your Account Balance
How WhatsApp Business Could Increase Your Account Balance

Personal Experience with the WhatsApp Business

My experience with the potential of this WhatsApp business opportunity and the new windows opened to prospective entrepreneurs is your data will serve as the only money you spend to advertise to friends and customers.

To paint a clearer picture of what I’m saying referencing a friend of mine who started a recharge card business, he used the WhatApp medium to boost his airtime sales.

For the fact that I purchased airtime and data from him, I saw the value for my money. The data came from a bank’s entrepreneur’s Small and Medium-Scale Enterprise, SMSE, and my friend was a registered and licensed agent.

Imagine the network providers sell just 2GB to 3GB for N1200, the SMSE data bundle I purchased from my friend gave me 5GB for the same N1200.

How Whatsapp Business Could Increase Your Account Balance
How WhatsApp Business Could Increase Your Account Balance

The moment my friend dropped a simple message on our old students’ association WhatApp group, he was overwhelmed by the number of requests that came in one day.

Suddenly, his business grew, and he went further to expand his reach to other chat platforms where he witnessed major growth and has since been imploring me to start the business.

Similarly, other success stories would wow your mind regarding independent trade owners that have also grown their businesses and are getting heavy bank alerts as a result of the sales made over time.

Let’s not forget that the business segment of the WhatApp platform has taken so many businesses to the next level and has helped entrepreneurs in growing their customer-base to a really large extent.

Some are into fashion designing (tailoring), interior decoration, sales of gadgets, beauty kits and other marketable materials on their WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram platforms.

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