How To Keep Loving Her When You’re Financially Struggling

Life happens; you lose your job, get swindled in a business deal, suffer a health challenge (or a family member does), there are so many instances that can lead to a financial rough patch. It’s tough when you are in a relationship as you might feel guilty that there’s not enough you can do for your partner. Don’t be hard on yourself. It isn’t always about money or expensive gifts. Sometimes gestures speak about volumes of love than any expensive gift would do, and keep in mind that this rough patch is temporary.

Here are the five things you can do to keep the magic alive during tough times.

Talk to her

Communication is always key. Don’t be afraid to pour your heart out to your partner. Tell her about your fears, dreams, hopes and plans. Vocally appreciate her for any financial responsibility she might have taken up in the relationship. If you believe in prayers, pray together.

Surprise her

Does she love Afang soup? Surprise her by cooking a pot of Afang soup. This might roughly cost a thousand Naira but she’ll appreciate the thought and effort behind it. There are small tokens of appreciation you can get for her. A simple daily item which she needed to buy yet forgets every time. It shows that you pay attention to the details and genuinely cares for her.

Never let your frustration out on her

This period can lead to a lot of unbridled anger but please don’t take it out on her. Remember she is struggling along with you when she could have taken the easier way out and left (There are probably scores of other guys in her DM but she chose you). Don’t be ungrateful. When in dire situations human tend to blame others for their distress. Never ever do that. Make this time a strong foundation for your future

Date her all over again

Never stop dating your wife or partner. Even if it’s in your parlor. Dance with her. Practice how you’ll both dance in your dream holiday destination. Do all the fun activities you both enjoy.

Above all, don’t lose hope. Keep working hard. Make her see you are making moves to secure your future and hers. Love always wins.

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