How Tiwa Savage Bleached Her Skin Years Ago

Tiwatope Savage, often known as just Tiwa Savage is a music industry powerhouse with the voice of the nightingale and the attitude of a lioness.

Building a thriving career in music to the point of global recognition is no small feat. It can only be done by one who is resilient and confident especially being a woman in an industry filled with petty politics and unrealistic standards.

How Tiwa Savage Bleached Her Skin Years Ago
How Tiwa Savage Bleached Her Skin Years Ago

However, Tiwa Savage has not always been confident and killing it, as she has shared in multiple media statement. The Wanted crooner has spoken about her struggles with identity especially moving to a foreign country at a young age, as well as fitting into the foreign standards of beauty.

Tiwa Savage Bleached Her Skin at 14

In a recent interview with Allure Magazine, Tiwa spoke about bleaching her skin at the age of 14 so she could fit in. Despite having hits, awards and a huge fanbase she has not stopped battling her skin insecurity.

“I actually did try to bleach my skin when I was about, I think 14 or 15 years. Even now I have patches on my back. My mom was cleaning my room and saw the cream that I used to mix with lemons. She wasn’t angry. it was more her disappointment. So I stopped but I was always insecure about being dark.”

This struggle is not peculiar to Tiwa Savage; behind the smiles and cruise, lots of Africans and people of colour yearn for validation and acceptance by attempting to change things about them.

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