How Mechanic Almost Got Ex-BBNaija Housemate Killed

One of the Ex-BBNaija housemates in the Lockdown edition, Trikkytee has narrowly escaped what could have been a terrible motor accident due to the carelessness of a motor mechanic.

Trikytee who come to Twitter to announce to the world how grateful he is after one of his car tires removed in motion, also revealed that a mechanic could have caused him his life. According to him, a mechanic who fixed the affected tire failed to tighten it properly.

He wrote “For an extra jack to raise my car to fix back the tire thank you too, the Mechanic that fixed my car and did not tighten my tire properly thank you too…Last last thank God once again for His mercies grateful.”

He had earlier narrated how some street guys came to his rescue while another vulcaniser tired to exploit him.

“Was driving yesterday when my back tire pulled out while I was in motion…Thank you JESUS that nothing happened to me or anyone else and all the “street guys” around “igbo Effun” that helped me in my time of Need God bless you, the fulkanuzer that said I must give him 5k.”

Meanwhile, his fellow ex-housemate and friend, Wathoni, among other fans reacted to his tweet, thanking God on his behalf and assuring him of God’s protection

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