How Ghosts Amazingly Get Car Loans in Nigeria

Ghosts and Car Loan

If you don’t believe in ghost, you might change your mind after reading this story because you would discover how ghosts apply and get car loans when those alive do not have access to such loans.

A report from Ondo State, south-west Nigeria showed how some ghosts workers were able to get the total sum of N48,210,000 as car loan from the state government purse in 2018.

The state government decided to give a number of its workforce car loans in 2018, and few were lucky to get the loan while others were not able to.

Meanwhile, some ghosts were luckier than some of the Ondo state civil servants who are alive and serving.
The state house of assembly was said to have carried out an audit of the state accounts and spendings, and several revelations were made to the amazement of the Nigerian people.

Still, in the Ondo state House of Assembly audit report, another 66 persons whose names were not on the state salary register were recorded to have been given the sum of N36,460,000.

Further findings showed that the 66 persons are not on the employment roll of the state.
The audit also exposed that between October and December 2018, 16 non- public officers were fraudulently given N9,750,000, giving a bunch of complicated frauds in the state civil service.

Finings about the origin of these fraudulent disbursement of tax payers’ money to ghosts and non- civil servants showed that Director, Treasury Service, and Head Car loan Unit, Akinsanmi T.R and Jegede E. D respectively signed the bank confirmation schedules for cheques issued for them.

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