How Diploma Holder who Jumped into Lagoon was Discovered

The diploma holder, Lekan Odunare, who jumped into a lagoon in Lagos State, the body has finally been discovered and brought out of the water.

Unfortunately, as sadness would prevail, he was no longer alive. The rescuers, who were a little too late, retrieved the lifeless body from the lagoon.

However, the family of Lekan has announced his death. They identified the body and confirmed that their son jumped into the lagoon at Epe Local Government Area, LGA of the LagosState on Tuesday and was found dead yesterday.

Brother to Late Diploma Holder Speaks

Usman, a brother to Odunare, earlier said the deceased did not open up to anyone about facing a challenge. He confirmed his brother’s suicide to the media on a sideline chat.

He said, “I don’t even understand the situation. He just wished to do that to himself. He used to be depressed once in a while, but at least he should have come out and spoken to someone.”

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