Will you be surprised if I told you that that is the name of a leaf? Please be surprised. I need someone to join me on this train. You know how you think you know something when in truth, you don’t? I virtually grew up with this leaf, but I didn’t know it had a name; let alone one as ridiculous as this.

As children, we would pluck it, squeeze it and apply it on our open wounds whenever we got injured. And it worked like magic. Pain disappears almost immediately and blood clots that same way too. It was our magic herb, but we had no name for it.

A Former Name: Independence Leaves

The first time I was properly introduced to it was in 2016. But it was a called a different name. My grandmother called it Independence Leaf, and she was going to use it to cook soup!

She said it is called Independence Leaf because the leaf was discovered in 1960, and the hunger in the land was what necessitated the discovery of the leaf. People were hungry and they didn’t mind what they ate. They ate it and they liked it. Soon, they began to find out it could do other things.

Yes, you cannot imagine my shock when I heard about this new name. And just like the other name, Nigerians have a reason for this peculiar name. It is as simple as: when you regularly consume this leaf, the hospital becomes very far from you. You will have no need to go to the hospital because the leaf cures a lot of ailment.

Hospital Is Too Far is a shrub, 6M high, with spreading branches and stubby twinges and smooth ray bark, which gives off toxic whitish colored latex when cut. It is scientifically known as Jatropha Tanjorensis.

Why this leaf?

We spend money buying blood tonic or medicine that will upbuild our blood level, but this natural leaf builds blood more than any medicine you can think of. A regular dose of it keeps the hospital very far away from you. You don’t need to waste time going to the hospital; all you need is to prepare and drink it morning and evening. 

Hospital Is Too Far can be grown on waste land and in local places, and reports has it that it grows more in the Southern part of Nigeria. Also the leaves are used as a soup ingredient in place of other locally available vegetables, and it can also be used as alternative to lettuce in salad preparation among other very vital sages.

Benefits of Jatropha Tanjorensis

Hospital Is Too Far is so good it can be used to treat the following ailments:

  • Vaginal discharge therapy
  • Smoothens defecation
  • Cures rheumatism
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Heals fever
  • Helps with men’s vitality
  • Cures skin blisters, amongst others.

How To Prepare

Wash the leaf very well, put it inside your pot. Add water, let the water cover the leaf very well, and allow it to boil for some time. Your blood tonic is ready for consumption.

As it boils, it will automatically turn to red.
You can drink it as tea by adding milk. As you add your milk, you will find out that it will turn into purple. It’s normal, enjoy your drink.

To treat wounds, wash properly, squeeze it for juice and apply to wounds.

For the nutritional value and contents of the Nigeria’s Wonder Leaf, please read up Jatropha Tanjorensis

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