Hilarious Couple Celebrate Honeymoon in Mud

Internet users have had a field day with the hilarious clips making the rounds as a couple celebrate honeymoon in mud.

The supposed newlywed surprised their family and the general public after they went to a popular road in Imo state to celebrate their honeymoon.

Couple Celebrate Honeymoon in Mud

The road, recognized by some to be the muddy road in the Ohi-Orogwe area of Imo state, is infamous for its terrible condition. Recall that some time ago, the youth of the area celebrated the road with beer despite its horrible look.

This couple decided to do something different for their honeymoon as they set up a romantic bed in the middle of the muddy road to celebrate their union.

The groom was seeing carrying his bride to the all-white bed with red beddings and roses which was set up in the middle of the muddy road.

Many viewers believed that the couple did this to make a point to the state government but are doubtful of how effective this will be seeing that other youth had done something similar with the beer party a while back.

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