Hausa Actor, Yakubu Mohammed Expresses Regrets For Featuring In Anti-Shiite Movie, Ready To Pay For Damages

Hausa actor, Yakubu Mohammed, has expressed regrets for featuring in a Nollywood film titled ‘Fatal Arrogance’ and has asked the makers to remove the scenes he appeared in.

Nollywood veteran actor, Pete Edochie, was earlier in the news following an alleged threat his life for appearing in the same movie. The movie ‘Fatal Arrogance’ was shot in Enugu and produced by Anosike Kingsley Orji and has been generating controversy, especially among members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Shiites.

The Islamic group in an official statement said they were shocked by the film. The popular Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky were said to be depicted and badly portrayed as terrorists.

Pete Edochie In One Of The Scenes Of Fatal Arrogance
Pete Edochie in one of the scenes of Fatal Arrogance

This has now made under-fire Hausa actor (Kannywood), Yakubu Mohammed to express his regret in appearing in the movie, even though he tried to persuade the filmmakers to correct some things in the movie he feels will not go down well by many people, especially in Northern Nigeria.

in his words, “I never knew some of the scenes in the film will be portrayed in that manner. I only acted (in) my scenes, which I appeared six times in different places. In the film, I was shot, and later died.

“It was a film that showed the clash between Nigerian Army and members of the Shiite movement in Zaria, and many members of the group were killed. When I read the script, I saw nothing castigating Islam in it, but you know script can change at some point, that was what happened.

Yakubu Mohammed has however said he has asked the producer to remove him from the film, and that he is ready to pay the producers damages for doing that.

“I have told the producer to remove all my scenes in the movie, that I am ready to pay for damages, which is what the rule says.” he added.

The anti-shiite movie ‘Fatal Arrogance’ which is allegedly sponsored by the Nigerian government features Pete Edochie, Destiny Etiko, and other Nollywood actors.

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