Heavy Gunshots in Asokoro as Security Operatives Clampdown on Drug Lord

Yesterday, Asokoro residents witnessed some heavy gunshots in what seemed to be a road chase by security operatives of an alleged major drug lord in the district.

An eyewitness who documented his experience on Twitter, Wednesday 16, 2022, briefly narrated the incident, stating that events involving drug-related activities are as realistic as can be.

The Twitter user, Shafie Muhammad @Muhd_Shafie, tweeted, ‘This issue of drug Lords arrest is real. More than 100 bullets were fired on our street today. The drug leader was chased by security personnel in a Peugeot 206. People were lying down all the way to the district hospital because of bullets.’

However, another eyewitness (name withheld), who saw the shooting and car chase happening live, narrated how he quickly parked his car to the side to avoid being hit by stray bullets and revealed that the security personnel successfully shot the tires of the fleeing cartel leader.

Heavy Gunshots In Asokoro As Security Operatives Clampdown On Drug Lord

He explained that the event was witnessed from the ECOWAS building straight down to the other streets of Asokoro District.

Asokoro Security Personnel Arrest Drug Dealer

As luck would have it, the earlier tweet from Shafie Muhammad, had a response to questions focusing on whether the dealer was caught or not?

He responded to confirm that the drug dealer was arrested at the end of the chase. However, there’s still no official comment from the police command in the district on the incident.

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