Governor Reveals Unknown Detail About Herdsmen

In recent time, Nigeria has had to endure deadly attacks from herdsmen that have led to the loss of lots of lives and properties. In what has come as a shock to many, a governor reveals unknown detail about these herdsmen that have been terrorising the country.

Benue State Governor reveals unknown detail about herdsmen.

Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom revealed that the herdsmen wreaking havoc all over Nigeria are mostly not Nigerians, but illegal Fulani migrants.

Governor Ortom called on President Buhari to review the ECOWAS protocol for movement of persons, goods, and services within West Africa.

Speaking to journalists in Abuja on Thursday, Ortom stated that the herdsmen were taking advantage of the irregular protocols to infiltrate the country and disrupt the peace.

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Governor Ortom had previously made statements that directly accused President Buhari of nepotism. He also claimed that the government was deliberately refusing to caution or go after the herdsmen, or armed Fulani men, who were killing innocent Nigerians.

His comments attracted serious backlash from the presidency and supporters of President Buhari.

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