Gordons Body Shames Bobrisky In New Video

Internet astir as Gordons body shames Bobrisky over bleaching

Nigerian Comedian, Gordons body shames Bobrisky in a fresh video that surfaces the internet.
In this viral video, Gordons asks fellow countrymen to warn Bobrisky over his prolonged use of bleaching products.

The Instagram video saw to the politician issuing a strong warning himself as he says that very soon Bobrisky will be transparent from all the bleaching he does. He even added that if care is not taken we may start seeing the internal organs of the controversial media personality.
In the viral video, Gordons said,

“This country nawa, una go dey see somethings dey spoil like this o nobody go talk, hmm
The way bob risky dey go so na fading oh. That boy dey fade dey go una dey watch am. E dey fade oh, very soon e go dey transparent oh. If e dey wake uno go dey see all im liver and kidney dey jump oh. No be play oh because the best definition of who a criminal is, is he that rub cream oh. Advice am now before the problem go more than wetin we think oh.”

However, history has shown that Bobrisky has developed thick skin towards comments on his bleaching which he openly speaks off and promotes.The socialite also seizes every opportunity to brag about how wide-reaching his bleaching products are.

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