Gombe Losses 1st Health Worker To COVID-19

Gombe and COVID-19

Report from Gombe State says a senior health worker in a Federal hospital located in the state has died after suffering complications related to COVID-19.

Chairman of the Gombe State COVID-19 Task Force, Idris Mohammed, while confirming the incident said the victim if a Senior Registrar in Paediatrics with the Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe, Abubakar Mohammed.

According to him, Mohammed died on Tuesday, but his positive test result came out today.

The Senior Registrar in Paediatrics is the first health worker to have died as a result of complications suffered in relations to COVID-19.

11 COVID-19 related deaths have been suffered in Gombe state so far as the number of confirmed cases of the virus in Nigeria has jumped to 14,554. About 387 deaths have also been recorded since the virus was imported into the country in February 2020.

9,673 active cases are in the country, with 4,494 recoveries. Despite these data, the country is struggling with stemming the community spread of the virus.

Adhering to the social distancing, face mask and personal hygiene rules in Nigeria has since been cases of concern after the President eased the lockdown order, and replacing it with a curfew.

The management of the virus has also been taken off the Federal Government and handed over to the State Governments.

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