Full Details of Kiddwaya’s Recent Interview

Read all the details of Kiddwaya’s recent interview

Kiddwaya’s recent interview gives details about the frequently asked questions he gets. Former Big Brother Naija housemate, just announced his exclusive interview with the Pidgin department of renowned media firm, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and it touched different areas of his life both before and after the reality Tv show.

He touched on his family, recent controversies and business. These are the various questions answered in Kiddwaya’s recent interview.

Controversial Tweet.

This was probably the overarching topic of discussion in this interview. Kiddwaya spoke about his very controversial tweet that caused him to be dragged on the internet. In the tweet, he spoke on how the difference between him and others is hard work saying that everything else was just excuses. See the tweet below,

Full Details Of Kiddwaya'S Recent Interview

On this, Kiddwaya explained that he was only trying to motivate people to work hard like him but they misunderstood his intention. Speaking further on how Nigerians perceive him and other rich people, he admitted that Nigerians believe people from rich homes should not have an opinion or live freely.

The reality Tv star says that he is very hardworking which is hard for people to believe but everything he has amassed is resultant.

Kiddwaya believes that our mentality as Nigerians need works. He said,

“We have a long way to go in terms of thinking. Mentally, Nigerians have a very long way to go. We need to stop looking at our own as trash or something that is worthless, we need to stop thinking that because a wealthy person gives you an advise, he is looking down to you. I’m not one to brag or one to demean anybody. I was simply giving advice and of course people took it completely the wrong way.”

“It is not my dad’s fault that he was trying to work hard and don’t forget that my dad is from a poor background”

Full Details Of Kiddwaya'S Recent Interview
Kiddwaya’s recent interview

On His Dad Discovering Banana Island

Kiddwaya confirmed that his father, Terry Waya discovered the high brow residential area in Lagos – Banana Island and he was extremely proud of his dad for that. According to Kidd, he was shocked when he read about it, so shocked that he had to call 3 to 4 of his uncles to confirm.

Relationship With Other Housemates.

Kiddwaya said he could not answer any questions about the other housemates because everyone has been so busy building their lives that they haven’t spoken in depth.

However, he mentioned the ongoing collaboration between Laycon and Vee, wishing them the best in their endeavours.

Marriage Plans

Kiddwaya was elusive when asked about his plans for marriage but he sold himself as an eligible bachelor. He said,

“Who no get marriage for mind? Me, I be fine bobo who wan marry me?”

Full Details Of Kiddwaya'S Recent Interview

On Fame and Money

The entrepreneur says that he is not rich yet but is working towards that goal. He also said that he doesn’t claim to be famous because it is highly dependent on his fans. He will however remain focused on his aims and objectives which does not include fame or money.

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