Full Details of Ka3na’s Tattoo Mess

BBNaija ex-housemate, Ka3na‘s tattoo mess has permeated the Nigerian internet scene as days ago, the BBNaija star slammed a young lady who put a tattoo of her on her thigh.

The trend that was begun by popular socialite, Bobrisky has quickly become popular with others because more peopleare beginning to get tattoos of their favourite stars.

This led Ka3na to ask her fans to get a tattoo of her too with a price attached because she could not afford to be left behind on the trend and she got just that.

Ka3na’s Tattoo Mess Goes Out of Control

A young lady went on to get a tattoo of Ka3na’s name on her thigh but things did not go as planned for her as Ka3na lambasted her for the decision to the surprise of the public.

Full Details Of Ka3Na'S Tattoo Mess 1

The self-acclaimed boss lady, Ka3na, has taken to her Twitter to share what she thought of the dragging she has received in the past few days, especially from Twitter users.

Some public figures like Bobrisky, Ada Ameh, Kelly Handsome and Yul Edochie have also given their two cents on Ka3na’s tattoo mess. The young lady attempted to commit suicide after hearing the words Ka3na had for her.

This brought in more vile comments, Ka3na’s way forcing her to make a series of tweets.

While ranting, Ka3na accused the young fan of chasing clout with the suicide twist. She also tweeted that she initially wanted to reach out to the girl in question but changed her mind last minute.

Full Details Of Ka3Na'S Tattoo Mess 2

Ka3na added that she was sure that the young lady was faking a lot because her number was on her page, and if the lady wanted to reach out to her, she would have.

On the suicide, she wrote,

“THANK YOU FOR THE THOUGHT OF TATTING MY NAME ON YOUR PRECIOUS BODY… But that’s all you get for being so desperate as to faking something as deep as SUICIDE. I started life @ 16yrs! I was never desperate!!! My Hard work and CONSISTENCY Brought me this far!”

She finalized by asking haters to get off her back because she was not a fan of emotional blackmail and cyberbullying.


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