Sanusi Battles Fresh Trouble In Lagos


Fresh trouble seems to be looming on the dethroned former Emir of Kano, Sanusi Mohammed Sanusi, who is currently cooling off in Lagos State.

The scuffles between the Kano State government and the deposed Emir took over the media space for a while until it got to the peak, and the celebrated Emire, known for his high class and elegance, had to bid the throne farewell in a rush.

Sanusi Battles Fresh Trouble In Lagos
Fresh Trouble for Deposed Emir Mohammed Sanusi

His dethronement has been judged by many as the result of what they called a strained relationship between him and the Kano State Governor, Abdulahi Ganduje. The governor has, however, denied this, maintaining that his dethronement was a consequence of his insubordination towards the state government.

After his exodus from the Kano Emirate, was banished to Awe, a town in Nasarawa State, and later packaged out to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja by his friend, the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El- Rufai.

This journey in search of peace did not end in Abuja as Sanusi, and his storm managing companion El- Rufai left the FCT to Lagos State and has since remained there.

Few days after getting to Lagos State, new trouble might be looming on the deposed Emir with a statement allegedly released by the Apapo Oodua group calling for him to relocate from Lagos State, signaling that he might not have landed in his Jerusalem.

If this statement truly comes from the Apapo Oodua group, the Sanusi, who has been trying to rest on his oasis by shedding all possible weights, might need to look elsewhere for peace and rest.

His weight shedding moves started after Justice Anwuli Chiekere of an Abuja Federal High Court granted an interim order to release him from detention. Sanusi later reacted to him dethronement, while his partner El-Rufai responded on his next bus stop.

Reaction To Dethronement

Sanusi said, “With almost six years on this throne and (in charge of) our heritage. Today, the Almighty Allah, who gave me the leadership, has destined to take it back.

“As I always say, leadership has predetermined tenure, the days Allah destined are numbered. When the days come to an end one must leave. We have accepted whatever Allah decides. We have agreed. We appreciate (God). We are happy, and we know it is what is best for us.”

Sanusi Battles Fresh Trouble In Lagos
Deposed Emir Mohammed Sanusi and Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai

El-Rufai, on his part, said: “Sanusi can now go anywhere, including Kano.”

“The High Court ruled that he can go anywhere, including Kano, but I think he wants to go to Lagos to reunite with his family,”

Though the Judge has fixed March 26 for hearing on the matter, there may be other things fr Sanusi and his legal team to worry about.

Apapo Oodua Group

According to the alleged statement by the Apapo Oodua group, and said to be signed by one of its officials, Col Abimbola Sowumi (rtd), the deposed Emir should not think that he has found a home in Lagos State.

Sanusi Battles Fresh Trouble In Lagos
Lagos State Map

“We caution you not to relocate and live in Lagos permanently. As a former Emir of Kano, you have over 50 cities and villages you can live in the North. You do not need to come and live in Lagos. When the Alaafin of Oyo 1 was deposed, he didn’t choose Sokoto or Kano to live.”

The group is obviously uncomfortable with against the South- West hosing Sanusi.

“We are aware that Sanusi coming to Lagos will draw many of his supporters to Lagos. They will be going to pay homage to him in Lagos. It will be an opportunity for him to coordinate Fulani activities in The South West. The millions of Fulani people in Lagos will seek to pay homage to him and differ to him as he becomes a major stakeholder in South West traditional and cultural affairs. That will have short and long term implications for cultural and social equilibrium in Lagos and the entire Yorubaland. All over history, Fulani settlement anywhere has led to pains and anguish not to talk of someone with a penchant for Fulani supremacy.”

The said stand of this group on the relocation of Sanusi lo Lagos remains contentious with the fact that Sanusi owns a street in the Surulere part of Lagos State.

Apart from that, as a Nigerian, he has the fundamental right to live anywhere he so chooses.

Can this group be said to have a point in all of these? The group claims ‘ His preference for Lagos can only spell doom for the political economy and the culture of Yoruba people.”

How true is this? Should the deposed Emir be worried about this development? Even after Sanusi said, he is no longer interested in becoming an Emire again?

Does this mean Sanusi has more enemies than he knows?

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