Fresh Rumour Trails Ada Ameh Sudden Death

New developments have started trailing Ada Ameh’s death, especially how it happened after her last meal with an oil magnate’s family that hosted her to a dinner.

The sudden death has attracted the attention of concerned women in BenueState, calling for an immediate autopsy to be conducted in order to find out the cause of death.

The Nigerian Actress, 48, reportedly slumped and died and triggered suspicion that there was a foul play regarding the nature of her passing.

Women Call for Investigation over Ada Ameh’s Death

To this note, Dr. Roseline Ada Chenge, a former Benue State Governorship Aspirant, expressed surprise when the announcement got to her ears about the untimely passing of the Benue Born celebrity.

She insisted that AdaAmeh was hale and hearty before the emergency pronouncement that she was dead moments later after having a nice meal with her host in Delta State.

Several other influential women also charged the authorities to launch an investigation into the tragic death of the woman that have suffered so many losses in her time on earth.

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