Frank Donga Bares Mind on Nigerians Travelling Abroad

Popular Nigerian comedian, Frank Donga, has taken to social media to talk about Nigerians leaving the country for better life outside the country.

The comic actor stated that leaving the country does not guarantee you will be wealthy.

He also opined that staying back in Nigeria does not mean the person is more patriotic.

Frank Donga
Frank Donga

Frank Donga made this known via his official Twitter page on Thursday, 1st of April, 2021.

His tweet reads, “The truth is leaving Nigeria does not guarantee you’ll get rich. Likewise, deciding to stay does NOT mean you’re more patriotic. Sometimes, all people want is where they can maximize their potentials & live in peace. Whatever you decide to do, I pray your dreams come true”

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This, however, generated reactions from Nigerians in the comment section. Read some of the comments below;

@Garrincha_bk wrote, “80 Percent of Nigerians That Leave the country aren’t living to get rich but to have an environment where they can live up to their Potentials……”

@olumoofderby wrote, “Many Nigerians living abroad didn’t leave Nigeria because they want to become millionaires. People want to live in a country that has value for human rights, value for a life, a good healthcare system, good job security and a civilised society.”

@meandy23 wrote, “But e be like say leaving Nigeria guarantees 100% freshness of the skin o”

@sekere_111 commented, “The truth is that Leaving Nigeria to USA and Canada, even if you wash plates at restaurants you are better than a Bank Manager. $15/hr compare to less than $100 a month.. I will advise 80% of youth to leave the country. You have no future with present political class. Japajapa”

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