Former Model Accuses Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault

A former model, Amy Dorris has accused US President, Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her at the US Open tennis tournament on 5 September 1997 adding that the assault took place behind the partition wall in the background.

Dorris, who revealed this during an interview with Guardian alleged that Trump sexually assaulted her more than two decades ago when he accosted her outside the bathroom in his VIP box at the tournament in New York.

She said Trump forced his tongue down her throat, assaulted her all over her body and also held her in a grip she was unable to escape from.

Dorris, who lives in Florida revealed evidence to support her encounters with Trump, including her ticket to the US Open and six photos showing her with Trump.

Former Model Accuses Donald Trump Of Sexual Assault
Amy Dorris, Donald Trump and Jason Binn at the US Open in Queens 1997.

However, several people, she confided in about the incident including a friend in New York her mother, therapist, and friends she spoke to later all said Dorris had shared with them details of the alleged incident.

Meanwhile, Trump through his lawyers denied having ever harassed, abused or behaved improperly toward Dorris.

His lawyers said Dorris’s version of events did not stand up to any scrutiny and had there been any inappropriate behaviour by Trump, there would have been numerous witnesses.

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