Foreigners Without Face Masks Serve Weird Punishment

In a shocking move by law enforcement to ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, foreigners without face masks who are caught are being made to serve a bizarre punishment.

What punishment are foreigners without face masks made to serve?

On the Indonesian resort island of Bali, foreigners caught not wearing face masks are made to do something quite funny: pushups!

Video footage has made rounds on social media this week, showing tourists wearing T-shirts and shorts made to do the exercise in stifling tropical heat as masked security officials stood over them and watched.

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Bali authorities made wearing a face mask in public mandatory last year as Indonesia battled a raging COVID-19 outbreak.

However, in recent days, many foreigners have been caught without face coverings, according to security official Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara.

Many foreigners who were found guilty of this violation opted to pay a fine of 100,000 rupiahs ($7), but the others who said they did not have the cash were ordered to do the pushups.

Bali authorities have also warned that foreigners who break virus regulations could be thrown out of the country. However, so far, there have no reports of anyone deported for failing to wear a mask.

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