Thirty minutes into the game, Stella got to her children’s school. She was sweating and panting. The friendly receptionist welcomed her and walked her to the pitch. When she saw the crowd, she was forced to stop in her tracks. Parents did come out in great numbers this time! For the next ten minutes, it was a struggle to find a seat. When she got tired of roaming, she settled for a spot beside the goalpost.

From where she stood, she could make out her twins girls, but something didn’t seem right. Sharply, she turned to look at the scoreboard. Shoot! The scoreline was a tie. That saddened her. She knew how much her girls prepared for this one. The enthusiasm and diligence that went into it all can never be measured.

She thought of how to salvage the situation, but nothing came to mind. She tried cheering them, but her voice was suppressed by the deafening screams from the supporters of the winning team.

“I’d sell my soul for my babies to win this match”, Stella thought with only a minute left to play in the game.

When people describe what happened next, they always call it a miracle. Everyone lost their minds cheering. All except for Stella, who kept muttering “How can this be? I only thought it. That doesn’t count, right?”.

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