Flairjet Aviation Company Fined for Flights

The Nigerian government has penalised United Kingdom aviation company, Flairjet with a fine to the sum of 1 million Naira.

The aviation company were said to have violated flight rules that were passed due to the coronavirus outbreak in the world. The country had banned all international flights both in and out of the country except for the flights permitted for humanitarian purposes and essential services.

After consideration due to repeated requests, Flairjet company was allowed to perform humanitarian flights but were caught violating that approval by conducting commercial flights in and out of the country.

The Nigerian minister of aviation, Hadi Sirika announced the penalty to the crime on his twitter page, the minister said, “Flairjet were found to violate our Civil Aviation Regulations IS 1.3.3(a) Table 2(IV)7(a) and IS 1.3.3 (a) Table 2(VIII)(4). The maximum penalty for each is N500,000:00K. We caused them to pay and reported their callous misdemeanour to UK CAA, MFA and the UK High Commission”.

Presently, commercial flights are still banned in the country until at least June 4 for any aviation company.

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