Fetish Objects Uncover At A Church In Anambra

An amateur video has surfaced in Agulu, Anambra State, which shows residents uncovering fetish objects in a local sabbath church in their village.

Fetish Objects

The church is said to be a white garment church and has a woman is its prophetess. The prophetess is said to be on the run, according to voices in the video. In the video, idols/fetish objects are seen lying all over the church floor. The idols were tied with articles of clothing.

Fetish Objects

The scene also showed numerous photos of different people , baptismal card, ID cards and international passports. The recording person claims the photos are of people who have been killed.

A mirror was also found in the church. The man claimed the mirror is used to invoke people.

Locals gathered at the altar, watching horridly as more fetish objects/items were revealed. The man filming also spoke of a fridge containing blood in it.

He warned people about visiting prayer houses in search of miracles without knowing the source of their power.

Video below

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