Fear As Friends of Alleged Yahoo Boy Die Mysteriously

Recent happenings have raised fear among people as social media reports have it that multiple friends of alleged yahoo boy die mysteriously.

This alarm was raised by a Twitter user with the handle @pelumiawotedu shared the shocking story of how over 50 people who attended the said party died from mysterious causes while the toll continues to rise.

Friends of Alleged Yahoo Boy Die Mysteriously

His exact post read,

“A Yahoo boy did birthday party this last Sunday, and over 50 friends of his who attended the party are dead already. The toll still counting… This happened around Alagbole Akute. May God help us.”

Initially, many found this hard to believe until other Twitter users who knew affected people began to share their accounts. One user said that someone in his street who attended the party dies too, alongside four of his friends who accompanied him to the party.

The initial speculations were that the celebrant used his guests for rituals but new developments have cancelled this school of thought and assumed a case of mass food poisoning as reports have it that the celebrant himself is dead.

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