Father Dumps 3-Week-Old Baby Into Canal In Ondo State

A Nigerian father identified as Muyiwa Ayorinde has been reportedly arrested by police officers for allegedly dumping his 3-week-old baby into a canal in Akure, Ondo State.

The report says that the Muyiwa hid the baby in a black bag and went to the scene on a motorbike. The baby was rescued by sympathizers but couldn’t make as he died in the hospital.

It was reported that the father of the baby was spotted by one of the residents at about noon while he attempted to escape after dumping his 3-weeks-old baby into the canal.

He was said to have wrapped the baby in a black bag before throwing into the canal. The baby was rescued by some boys who jumped into the canal and taken to a nearby hospital before descending on the suspected baby’s father.

One eyewitness said ”I saw the young man looking strange as he alighted from the Okada and pulled out a black bag and dropped into the carnal”

When we heard a baby’s voice cried out. Then we knew what he had come to do. People have been coming from different places to dump things in this canal. We have to make it a point of duty to make sure it stopped”

The suspect has reportedly been arrested by the Nigerian Police.

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