Fans Drag Erica Back to BBNaija Episode

Some angry fans drag Erica back to a regrettable episode in the Big brother Naija house after standing in a Twitter user’s defence.

The dragging started after Erica Nlewedim defended and advised a young man with the handle Laolu Carsell who was being bullied by social media trolls.

Laolu had shared a picture of his 71-year-old father to celebrate his birthday and he wrote that although his dad was in his early seventies, he didn’t look a day older than 40.

Bullies dragged the young man for his caption and even went as far as asking him to do a DNA test to ensure that the man was really his father since he and his father had the opposite complexions.

Fans Drag Erica Back To Bbnaija Episode 1

Fans Drag Erica Back to Lockdown House

In response to the vitriol, Laolu slammed the naysayers in a tweet, saying that he didn’t care about their hurtful words. In solidarity, Erica lent her words of kindness, asking him to block as many trolls as he deems fit, and this was when the dragging started.

Coming under her tweet, tweeps reminded her of how she insulted and bullied Laycon while they were in the Lockdown house, an episode that led to her disqualification the next day.

Fans Drag Erica Back To Bbnaija Episode 2
Fans Drag Erica Back to Lockdown House

The felt that she was not in the position to bash bullies since she exhibited what they thought to be similar traits in the house.


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