Fan Pitches Ka3na Against Nengi

A fan of one of the ex-BBNaija lockdown housemates has in a recent tweet pitched Ka3na, “the Bosslady”, against Nengi.

Ka3na, who innocently posted some new pictures on her Twitter page, asked her fans what they thought about her and then the drama started.

She asked, “Look into my eyes tell me what you see?” This statement has gotten her several pleasant and also weired responses.

While some appreciated her beauty and doughedness, some saw something entirely different and controversial.

@Miss_Mmasi wrote, “I see lashes, contact lens, eye pencil and eye shadow”

@sommy_Loves26 said, “I see a lady who is fighting so much battle but trying to be brave at the same time”

Then the twist started when @PrinceOlaBenja1 responded saying, “All I see is clout and wickedness”

Another Twitter user, @realmmadrid, went back memory lane saying, “I see PRAISE and those aggressive cuddling moments.”

Then @Neroo_Jr went as far as pitching her against Nengi when he said, “I see Envy for Nengi”

Ka3na has also found herself amid very controversial topics and scenarios, but this fresh talk on envy for Nengi!

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