Family Attorney Announces George Floyd’s Burial Date

George Floyd’s Burial

George Floyd’s family Attorney, Ben Crump has announced that the murdered African American would be buried in Houston on June 9.

According to Crump, the George Floyd who was killed last week by a police officer in broad day light would be given a memorial service in Minneapolis on Thursday.

He gave more hint that the memorial service would be held for three hours from 1 p.m to 3.p.m, which is 7p.m African time.

George Floyd’s proper funeral would be holding in Houston where he grew up and that would hold at 11 a.m CT.

The death of George Floyd  was seen in a disturbing video in which a police officer named Derek Chauvin was seen regrettably kneeling on bis back, while be was shouting that he could not breath.

His death has caused a lot of out cries about police brutality and racism across the world, especially against Africans within different parts of the world.

The protests have grown so much that many have been arrested for violating the curfew imposed on some communities where they huge protests have been held.

Protesters have refused to vacate the streets in a bid to show how unpleasant and inhuman some police officers have been against blacks and the dept of hatred the whites showed towards the blacks.

Unfortunately, some people hijacked the protests engaging in looting and attacking security officers. These have resulted in several persons being shot, including some police men, while some of the protesters also ended behind bars.

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