Eyewitness Gives Details About Kashy’s Death

An eyewitness has given a clearer picture of what led to the death of Cash Nation’s record label boss, Kashy.

It was widely reported that Kashy committed suicide by falling off his balcony while some others claimed that his frontline artiste, Barry Jhay was involved in his death.


Recall that Barry Jhay was involved in a fight with the record label boss; a brawl that had his face swollen as well as showing off his bloody mouth in a video that became viral.

Although the award-winning singer was reportedly arrested by Ghanaian Police in connection to Kashy’s death, an eyewitness has proved that Barry Jhay is innocent.

Barry Jhay
Barry Jhay

According to the source, “Kashy has been acting strange ever since his EFCC case, his friends say he suffered from PTSD due to his arrest, while in efcc custody he always hit his head on the wall daily while in his cell”

The record label is said to be involved in drugs since then and had invited Barry Jhay to Ghana before the unfortunate event that lead to his death.

Giving details about the incident that led to his death, the source said, “The apartment where this incident happened is a high end apartment with all round security. They heard Kashy beating Barry up and went there to separate them, Barry left the house and he made that video on his way to the police station to report the beating incident.

Kashy was still alive while he left. After he left Kashy was fighting the security men and while they were trying to hold him, He ran from them and was doing stunts on the balcony railings, he slipped and fell. It was a tragic death by mistake. He did not commit suicide” he added.

He stated that Barry wrote a statement and the police followed him to arrest the record label boss and they met him dead.

According to him, Barry’s only mistake was making a video calling him a Jew. He then sent the video to only one person who then shared the video on social media.

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