EXPOSED: Woman Breastfeeds Snake (PHOTO)

A woman identified as Gogo Nenohwe has been arraigned in court for witchcraft after being arrested for allegedly breastfeeding a giant snake in Nenohwe Village, Zimbabwe.

According to a 12-year-old girl, who spotted the woman while breastfeeding the snake in her friend’s house, Gogo uttered names of fellow villagers she wanted her pet to deal with.

The girl said she saw Gogo breastfeeding a giant snake with a red cloth and beads tied around it, after which she fed the snake.

Woman Breastfeeds Snake

The eyewitness confirmed that the snake stayed in the room where she was staying before the incident room before moving to another room.

Woman Breastfeeds Snake
Woman Breastfeeds Snake in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, other villagers said they have come across a giant snake with a red cloth tied around it, though there are now efforts to capture the snake and bring it to the traditional ruler’s court.

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